Saturday, June 6, 2009

Cleaning and Pow Wow

Found: large yellow orb in the sky. Please contact the interns at Port Tobacco if it is yours.

Today it stopped raining, but due to muddy units we cleaned artifacts with our wonderful volunteers. This included cleaning the artifacts with water and tooth brushes, sorting out some rocks that snuck in. The artifacts will be sorted out again when they are cataloged.Legers were also found today that detail some of the purchases made at Port Tobacco during the mid 1800s. We would like to thank Brent for his wonderful chopped salad.

We left work early to go to the Pow wow being held by the Cedarville Band of the Piscataway. There we saw traditional dances by many different tribes and ate fry bread. A good time was had by all.

If it is at all possible we will be digging tomorrow. Pleeeease let the sun shine tomorrow!


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Anonymous said...

What will happen to the artifacts after they have been cleaned and categorized? Was the bell found that was in the courthouse originally?