Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Lot lines

Caution: this blog contains material that may be offensive. Lawyers and surveyors suffering from hypertension and other cardiopulmonary conditions are advised to proceed no further.

During the ASM field session, Scott applied his survey experience with Steve's metal detector wizardry to successfully locate two of the pipes marking the Compton family property on which we have focused much of our efforts at Port Tobacco. With these two points, we have been able to place a 1950s plat accurately on our site map (see cyan line on map below). Three points (cyan arrows) correspond nearly perfectly.

Site map with the newly identified property corners.

This plat will assist us in tracing back land conveyances and, hopefully, will lead to the successful placement of such sites as the Indian King Hotel on the ground.

It is interesting that the PTAP team identified a fourth pipe marker that lies equidistant (~135 ft) between two of the markers. I do not have the plat in front of me, but I do not recall a property line at this location, suggesting that we have a line from another survey.

With April beginning the search for several Civil War era sites, we will renew our efforts to reconstruct land holdings within the town. Stay tuned.


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