Sunday, June 7, 2009

The sun is back! Yay dirt!

First, we had two questions we need to address. First, the bell in the
courthouse is not the original. The bell that is there now came from
the Laplata courthouse. The second question was what happens to the
artifacts after they are catalogued. After they are catalogued the
artifacts are curated and analyzed further. This means they are put in
storage and later studied.

Today the sun was finally out, so we got to dig. We had many
volunteers come out to help us open up a new unit and work on ones
started earlier in the week but that had been put on hold due to rain.
The great weather also brought out visitors (some from as far away as
England) who were interested in seeing what we are doing. We are still
looking for the carriage shop, getting closer every day.

We plan on being out there tomorrow, so please feel free to join us.



Elsie said...

Here is a link to some info on the moving of the bell from the LaPlata courthouse to the reconstructed Port Tobacco Courthouse

Anonymous said...

Why are you looking for the carriage shop? What artiifacts do you think you will uncover?