Thursday, April 30, 2009

Movie Choices

We'll get back to blogging on a daily basis in a few weeks. The crew is hustling to complete some large projects before the ASM field session, so we haven't worked on Port Tobacco very much.

This year during the field session we have scheduled two movie-and-pizza nights in the courthouse. I expect we will post a poll next week. Right now we have the following choices and we're happy to add others:
  1. Indiana Jones/Raiders of the Lost Ark
  2. King of California
  3. The Mummy
  4. National Treasure 1/2
We will have a microwave for popcorn...we scoff at theater prices. You needn't sneak any treats into the 'theater,' but be prepared to share.


Monday, April 27, 2009

Lavish Screens

Yes, I know...we've been negligent. My crew has been busy on other projects and April has been dealing with a course load and publication schedule that would crush people thrice her size. But planning for the field session continues.

A major effort is under way to replace the tired screens that ASM has used on field sessions for years. Thanks to the efforts of Dan Coates (Northern Chesapeake Chapter vice-president), we will be rolling out two new types of screens that made their debut at the end of last year's field session. We are particularly proud to show off the Lavish screen (see picture below).

Dan Coates with the Lavish (left) and H-frame screens.

The Lavish screen was developed by Al Lavish for the J. Patterson Park & Museum 20 years ago. Dan has made a few of his own improvements. Its lightweight, durable materials make this table screen easy to transport (I can lift it above my head and easily carry it several hundred feet in an open field), easy to use, and resistant to weather. It comfortably accommodates four adult screeners at a time. The result: efficient processing of large quantities of soil with a stable, sturdy instrument. No more stooping, no collapsing tripods, no more small screens impeded by hanging ropes. Too high? Dig a little divit below each of the four legs or make a level pile of backdirt to stand on.

Guess what? We are going to need these screens at Port Tobacco to cover as much territory as we hope to during the field session. They will be much coveted on future field sessions. I have one of my own and hope to have another soon.