Saturday, June 6, 2009

Order Restored

I visited Port Tobacco today, quelling the student riot and turning away the cabana boy applicants. Order has been restored.

The Heidelberg Three spent the day with volunteers Brent, Elsie, Myron, and Belinda washing artifacts. I brought back to my Annapolis office approximately four boxes of artifacts that had already been cleaned, sorted, and rebagged. Pete and Kelley (my new staffer of whom you will hear more of in a week or so) spent much of Friday cataloguing material. Wait until they see the new material.

Steve Lohr and I walked around the site a little bit and found another pipeset boundary marker. We also found what may be the James Swann is in the hedgerow about 20 ft northwest of where Pete had excavated three units during the ASM field session. Whoops.

April is taking Allison, Katharine and Magen to the Piscataway pow wow after work. We are fortunate in that the people whom we study have descendants in the immediate area and we look to them for insights into what we find and for novel avenues of research.


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