Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday status

We had so many visitors at Port Tobacco that today was a whirlwind of tours for me. The team I watching Indiana Jones in the courthouse so I am unable to poll them for tidbits for today's blog.

The highlights, as I remember them, are as follows. Jim found more postholes in Anne's area. This is an area of the town that did not have buildings in the late 1800s (what the survivng maps date to) and the features themselves suggest a 1700s date to these buildings and fencelines. Pete's team is still removing brick and mortar rubble from the center of the Native American area but they did open a new unit to try to find some Native American features away from that building. Several clay marbles from the late 1800s and some coins came out of the top layers of that unit. Scott's team identified a possible Native American posthole in one unit but again we have historic features that intrude on that same level.

Tomorrow is our last excavation day in these areas of the site. Tuesday is the first day off for the interns and I. On Wednesday we begin work on the Civil War aspects of the town.

April M. Beisaw

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