Thursday, June 4, 2009

Breaking New Ground

Despite the weather forcast we were able to lay in two new units in search of George Atzerodt's carriage shop. I spoke to Jim Barbour about the blacksmith shop that we are hoping was once the carriage shop and he provided us with a 1910 photograph that showed it's location near where we are digging.

The soils are pretty muddy from the regular. That slowed us down a bit but we got a lot done and we are getting artifacts that may be associated with the blacksmith shop or the stables that adjoined it.

The interns were great today. Katharine ran the total station. Magen laid in the units. Allison provided hours of entertainment with her flamingo impersonation.

Friday has the potential to be a rain day but we are an optimistic bunch. After today I am handing over blog duties to the interns. Let's see what they have to say.

April M. Beisaw

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Allison's mom said...

I'm so proud that Allison is making an important contribution!