Friday, July 9, 2010

I'm looking over four three leaf clovers...

Burch house has again given us a unique little artifact that is quite eye catching. It was most likely a decorative pin or similar ornament. It has four shamrocks, 3-leafed clovers, on it, which can represent the holy trinity or good luck. Good luck clovers are 4-leafed, not shamrocks, but the two are often interchanged. Considering the location and time period this pin is associated with, the clover was probably meant to reflect the Holy trinity rather than the 'luck o' the Irish.

The symbolism of the shamrock dates back to pre-Christian Ireland. The plant was sacred to the Irish Druids as symbolic of a triad. Popular tradition says that St. Patrick
used clovers to explain the concept of the holy trinity when he went to Ireland in the 5th century to convert the Druids. However, the first mention of this story dates to 1726, so it is somewhat suspect. In the 19th century it became a symbol of Irish rebellion against the English and began to be strongly associated with Irish identity.

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