Monday, July 12, 2010

The Magical, Mystical, Miracle Moisturizer

Recently Pete blogged on a nice, almost complete spouted crock we mended. We've also mended several glass vessels. One such was this molded case bottle.

It once contained Phalon's Paphian Lotion for the Skin. An advertisement for the concoction appeared in 'The Plough, the Loom, and the Anvil,' a New York publication from 1855. It was made by Edward Phalon from New York and sold for a dollar. This "Infallible...Preservative of the Skin and Complexion" cured "Freckles, Tan, Pimples, Chapped Hands, Lips, and Face, Blotches, Sun Burn, Scalds, Burns, etc., and all Diseases appertaining to the Skin."
I wonder which poor soul at Port Tobacco needed this miracle cream...

Read the original ad here.
A harsh critique of the product and its manufacturer can be found here.
Google search the word's "Phalon's paphian lotion" to read more.

Field Work: We will not be out at Port Tobacco on Tuesday as the forecast calls for rain.


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