Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Another mystery

Hey folks!

I hope you have all been sitting inside with a nice cold drink to pass by this scorcher of a day! For today's blog I am posting another artifact that is a mystery, even to us. So, since you all have been so helpful before, pull out some books, open up Google, and exercise your noggin to send some of your ideas this way!

We think this artifact, found in Stratum 9 of Unit 90, is some sort of bone tool that could have had something to do with sewing (keeping consistent with the numerous other artifacts related to sewing that we have found so far). Towards one end there is a hole that goes straight through the object, and the other end has carved threading, which suggests to me that it was used as some sort of holding pin (please see the image to the right for a close-up). Any ideas?

Stay cool today, and hopefully the weather will be agreeable enough for us to get back to our excavations at Burch House. We will be sure to let you know our schedule. Also, as promised, here is an image of one of the thimbles we have found this summer.


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