Monday, July 5, 2010

How do you beat the heat??!!

By staying inside!! Which is exactly what the PTAP crew will be doing for most of the week. With the possibility of a record setting heat wave this week, we will only be out on Thursday at the Burch House. Saturday's lab will also be canceled.

Time is flying by this summer already and with Kelley and I off to graduate school in the fall, Jim is whipping us hard to get some report writing done! Haha...just kidding. But we do have some writing to do. The Preserve America report is coming along nicely as are some papers the three of us are writing.

As a reminder, this time last year we had the interns from Ohio working down in Port Tobacco with us and the year before that we were in the midst of the annual field session!

This year we've had two interns working with us for several weeks. Amanda finished up her internship last week and Phil should be closing his out by the end of this week.

Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July and stay cool this week!

- Peter

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