Saturday, June 19, 2010

Crockery Update

Technical difficulties yesterday prevented me from blogging on the crock we found. Big thanks to Kelley for getting it done!

The archaeologist who helped out is Barbara Magid of the Alexandria Archaeology Museum. Another big thanks to her for the information about Benedict C. Milburn and the Wilkes Street Pottery. I'm quite sure there are many other connections between Port Tobacco and Alexandria and I hope we can explore these in the future.

As for the piece shown yesterday, there is one more piece of information to add. Underneath the maker's mark is a sideways no. 1 (click on yesterday's image for a better look). It's a measurement mark standing for 1 gallon.

- Peter


Artemis Cooks said...

What do you think this style of crock was used for? From the scale image, it looks to be about 20cm in diameter. Was it lidded or not?

Jim said...

We haven't completely mended the vessel yet and I only had a cursory glance, but it looks like a small spouted pan that could have served in many ways. It lacks a 'lid seat,' and therefore, probably lacked a lid.