Sunday, June 13, 2010

Other Adventures

Scott, Laurie, and I are just back from an expedition to Maryland's Eastern Shore where Scott's company, Grave Concerns, had been awarded a contract to document a cemetery as part of a general restoration effort. We had reason to be both disgusted and elated.

The photograph shows one of several concrete vaults that vandals had broken in to, apparently for the sole purpose of stealing skulls.

The upside is that we were there to assist a grass roots organization--the Friends and Family of Asbury & Green Chappel, Inc.--that is dedicated to the restoration of the cemetery. Over the past couple of years they have acquired the half-acre site west of St. Michaels, Maryland, cleared brush, raised funds, and researched this African American Methodist Episcopal Church site and burial ground. They are amazing.

We should have a report and detailed map prepared shortly for the organization.

Regarding April's posting Friday in which she noted at least three Port Tobacco alumni in or on their way to graduate school, I add the name of Tom Forhan who has finished the first year of the two-year master's program at the University of Maryland at College Park. He will be joined in the academy this fall by: Peter Quantock (University of Denver), Kelley Walter (College of William & Mary), and Valerie Hall (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign). Wouldn't mind going back to school myself.



Diggirl said...

Actually, I will be attending Illinois State University this fall for the Masters. My husband is at UIUC. Not a big deal, I just feel I should show a little loyalty to my new school. :)

I wish Kelley the best of luck - Williamsburg is an amazing place, and I'm a little jealous she'll be close enough to volunteer at Jamestown!

Hello to everyone!


Jim said...

I apologize knowledge of geography and institutions of higher learning of the Midwestern states is sadly wanting. I salute ISU.