Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Whoa Doggy

This little items was quite intriguing when it first came out of the ground. The inscription, 1874 BITCH, cleared things up. It is a dog tag. There may have been a law passed around that year that required dogs to be registered and tagged for taxation purposes Similar tags found by Steve all had the year 1874 and said either DOG or BITCH. More research will give us details.

A quick reminder: We will not be in the field or washing artifacts at Port Tobacco for the remainder of this week. We will post when we plan to be out there again.

Also, GAC sends wishes for a speedy recovery to Jane and her injured knee. Hope you feel better soon and can rejoin us at Burch House.



Anonymous said...

As to the dog tags, you should check out the corporate charter of the Village of Port Tobacco (1860 as amended 1888 and still in effect). It requires a permit for each dog ($1.00) or bitch ($5.00). Further that the bailiff kill any dog or bitch going at large without such permit. The President of the Village commissioners should be able to provide a copy of the charter to you.

Jim said...

Good idea. We'll have to check county and state laws for that period too. Steve Lohr's finds suggest use well beyond Port Tobacco, but then dogs and their adopted families do travel.