Monday, June 14, 2010

Buttons Away!

Washing artifacts this Saturday was very exciting. You'll be seeing some of the larger and more intact pieces in blogs to come. Today's item is a military button from the units near the Burch House. Steve Lohr recognized the stylized "A" and "3" on it as belonging to the 3rd Artillery in the War of 1812. This button was made by manufacturer Levenworth, Hayden, & Scovill between 1813 and 1814.

PS. We'll be digging at the Burch House only on Tuesday this week. We will have the regularly scheduled lab on Saturday.


Anonymous said...

Hello. I am trying to talk to someone about volunteering for the Port Tobacco Archaeological Project, but did not see how to contact ya'll. Please e-mail me at I would love to help out on the project. Thank you.

Erica Hamor

Jim said...

Volunteers are always welcome. You can reach me (Jim, managing director) at Generally, we post our schedule on the blog.