Saturday, June 20, 2009

Rain = Field Trip

Today all work focused on the Indian King Hotel area and we opened a
new unit to seach for the dimensions of the building. Some interesting
artifacts that were uncovered included a thimble, rivet, and a marble.
Unfortunatly after lunch we got rained out, but the rain gave us a
chance to visit the Mudd house and the Surratt house. At the Surratt
House and Mudd House we learned more about the Booth escape route.

In response to the question how far is the Indian King Hotel area in
relation to the Blacksmith area, the distance from one area to the
area is approximatley fifty to a hundred feet. As for the next
question, what is the significance of the Indian King Hotel, the
Indian King hotel is where Union soldiers were during the
assassination plot. The foundation that was located is made of brick.

Today we had many volunteers and visitors, including Allison's friend
Bill. Thank you to everyone who came out to help us! We hope to be
digging again tomorrow, so let's hope for sunny skies.

Magen, Allison and Katharine

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Anonymous said...

What type of brick was found?Was the material used formaking the brick found in that area?