Friday, June 19, 2009

By George, We Found It!

The morning started with Katharine and Allison being left in Siberia
to finish up their units. This involved doing some final mapping and
interpretation. It was decided that Allison's unit probably is a
robbed out foundation. Jim may return to the area and look at the
surrounding units to see if he can find more of the foundation.
Katharine took down more arbitrary levels in her unit to reach subsoil
across the whole unit. We now believe that at some point an erosive
natural channel ran through the area which caused movement of
artifacts along with pooling of different densities of gravel
throughout the strats.

In other news Unit 71 in the Indian King hotel area has yielded a
portion of a foundation . Now that the foundation has been located we
will open units to follow the foundation to determine its size. The
Indian King area has yielded some interesting artifacts including a
marble, a window lead, and a key. A window lead is a piece of lead put
in a window to help it keep its shape. This artifact may help us date
the deposit it was found in because a law made the companies making
the leads stamp the year they were manufactured on the inside.

Tomorrow we will continue to follow the foundation that we found
today. Thank you to all of our volunteers who came out today!


artifactjones said...

Where in relation to the other units you have discussed did u find the foundation? What materials make-up this foundation? If you found a foundation, then Jim will soon be on the scene.

Anonymous said...

Are their any historical pictures of the hotel?
What if any is the significance of the hotel and the assignation of Abraham Lincoln?