Thursday, June 18, 2009

Oh look, it's raining...

Today the excavations continued, in spite of some morning showers.

We worked on our blacksmith units today in case we needed to make a
quick exit due to rain. In Allison's unit we removed two strats, one
of which had what appears to be building stones. We believe that there
was a building here at some point, and when the building was torn down
the foundation was robbed out and the less desirable stones were put
back into the trench. This may have been the blacksmith shop we are
looking for due to large amounts of metal and some ceramics that would
have been available during the Civil War.

Katharine dug to magma in her muddy unit, in an attempt to explain the
gravelly stratigraphy above. Lots of colonial period ceramic and
glass came out of this unit along with a pipe stem, some large pieces
of coal slag, and a large brick. Rather than using our usual method
of digging by stratigraphic layer (same soil type), we chose to dig an
arbitrary level since there were so many complex layers. We reached
what seems to be subsoil in one corner of the arbitrary level, while
on the other edge of the unit there is a very dark stained section.
Tomorrow we plan to finish out that unit.

We hope to see you out here tomorrow! Thanks to Brent and Carolyn for
joining us today despite the questionable weather!

Katharine, Allison, and Magen

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