Monday, June 15, 2009

Allison sent to Siberia: please send buckets

Today we broke up into two teams again in hopes of getting more work done. Allison, an intern from the Navy named Scott, and a revolving number of volunteers stayed at our old units in hopes of interpreting what the soil has to tell us. Scott's unit contained a few impressive artifacts, including a largely complete punch bowl. After more excavating, we believe that the complex stratigraphy was caused by erosion from water and soil washing down the hill to the east of us. Allison's unit insisted on remaining complex, but a few things became clear. The sand bar going through may indeed be at least related to the blacksmith shop due to the high number of metal artifacts found in it. Hopefully, the gravel statum in the unit was caused by runoff from the nearby hills being stopped by a building.

In other news Magen and Katherine continued their seach for the Indian King Hotel.By afternoon the unit began to display a change in statatigraphy. Further investigation showed that the color change was actually a soil lens laying on top of the plowzone . Also another unit was laid out in order to widen the seach for the Indian King Hotel. The two units yielded a number of intersting artifacts including part of a slate pencil ,a shoe sole , and a decorated pipe bowl. Tommorrow is the day off and excavation will continue Thursday or Friday. We would like to thank Katharine's family for coming today and for the cookies. Also we would like to thank Brent for the ice water.

Allison and Magen

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