Saturday, June 13, 2009

Found: stratigraphy, interpretation needed

Today we opened two new units to further look at the stratigraphy of the area we have been working in. Katharine's unit uncovered more of the gravelly feature that had shown up in yesterday's excavations while Allison's unit showed a continuation of complex stratigraphy. We plan to remove Katharine's feature tomorrow to explore it's contents and to see what lies beneath it. As for Allison's unit, we will test to see if certain layers are features or of they are strata. We are looking to finish up this area soon so we can move on to look for the Indian King Hotel where the Union was encamped during the Civil War when George Atzerodt and his fellow conspirators were planning the Lincoln assassination. Today we found evidence of the Union encampment when a Civil War military button was found. Magen spent the morning photographing and cataloguing artifacts like this from a union encampment just outside of Port Tobacco. Thank you to everyone who came
out to help us today! And a special thanks to Brent for providing us all with ice water, a luxary item these days for a few of us!

Katharine, Allison, and Magen

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