Wednesday, June 10, 2009


The interns are all enthralled in works of contemporary literature
this evening. We did not work in Port Tobacco today so I will let them
read while I sneak in my own blog post.

The rain is on it's way again and continues to threaten our fieldwork
on a daily basis. Unless tonight's storms flood our excavation units
we will be back in the field in the morning.

After last night's storms I attended the Charles County Archaeology
Society's meeting here in Port Tobacco. The speaker was a curator at
the Maryland Archaeology Conservation Lab which is about an hour away
from here. After the talk we spoke about bringing the interns down to
the MAC lab for a day to do some research on some of our more
interesting and unusual artifacts. That may happen next week.

First order of business is to make up for lost time with our Port
Tobacco excavations. We need the rain to stay away for the rest of the
week so we can find the blacksmith shop and move our search to finding
the Indian King Hotel, one of the places that Union soldiers were
encamped within Port Tobacco.

With more exacavtion progress I can begin my side project of
photographing the artifacts we have collected to date so we can get
back to illustrating this blog.

April M. Beisaw

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