Friday, May 21, 2010

Summer Happenings

Over the next few weeks, the gang will close up excavations at the Swann House at Port Tobacco and focus on Burch House. Predictably, the deposits at Burch are complex and extensive. I hope to have a summary of finds at Swann House by the end of June...I'm a little less certain on how long it will take to figure out Burch House.

Two of my Stevenson University students will join the team in June. Each must complete an internship to fulfill requirements for a Public History major. More about them in a couple of weeks.

Today the GAC crew worked on a small project in Anne Arundel County...a badly damaged 19th-century house site. We had little hope to recover anything of interest at the outset, and a day of intensive testing has done little to alter that assessment. If anything changes, you'll read about it here.


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