Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Note from the Editor

Dear Readers:
Beginning Monday, 17 May 2010, we will begin posting on this blog on a regular basis, Monday through Friday. While our readers can expect many of the postings to be about Port Tobacco, I have decided to broaden coverage to the many kinds of projects that the crew undertakes each week. Port Tobacco is not our full time job, and we often encounter things on other projects that I think will interest readers.

In the past, we have occasionally blogged on non-Port Tobacco projects. These departures will now be a regular feature.

Also, I expect to post occasional editorials in lieu of the latest research findings. Some of these may irk, some may inspire; I hope all will encourage our readers to carefully consider what archaeological and historical research and interpretation have to offer our society. These opinions will represent the views of management.

As always, we look forward to reading your comments, so don't be bashful. If you have difficulty negotiating the commenting process built into the blog, simply e-mail your comment to me (see below) and I will post it. As always, we expect civility and decorum and reserve the right to withhold publication of comments that I deem offensive or off topic.

Jim Gibb

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