Monday, May 17, 2010

News Break: Because of continued rain, we will not be working at Burch House tomorrow. We will return Thursday.

This past Saturday the Society for the Restoration of Port Tobacco held a fundraiser called Market Days at which a number of vendors sold antiques, books, and food. The project ran an all day outdoor lab, washing the material recovered the previous week from one of our excavation units at the Burch House. I hope everyone who came out the Port Tobacco enjoyed themselves. A lot of washing was completed and we will be out there again for the next 4 Saturdays.

While at the event, local resident Kay Volman (Chimney House) mentioned that she had just installed a new water line through her back yard. The trench encountered a concentration of brick and metal. Could this be the elusive Atzerodt Carriage Shop? We hope to check it out next week.

We plan to be back at Port Tobacco digging on Thursday, weather permitting.


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