Monday, October 19, 2009

Steve Lohr

Who is that bearded fellow with the cast on his arm working alongside Heidelberg University students Katharine and Magen? Steve Lohr, of course. I meant to highlight Steve a couple of weeks ago, but the fates kept interrupting.

Steve has been working with the PTAP team almost since the beginning. He is a building contractor who, along with his architect wife Tina, restored the Burch House at Port Tobacco that we use as our field headquarters.

Steve has collected artifacts in the area for years and has helped the team identify and investigate sites in and around Port Tobacco, including the Union encampment that we looked at last spring. He has been one of the crew stalwarts, wielding pick and shovel and digging bar, and pounding through some of the densest gravelly sediments in town. Steve has also alerted the team to various published resources and helped a great deal in identifying some of the military paraphernalia recovered in town and at the encampment. And, as you can see, not even a cast on his right arm has kept Steve out of the fray.


WORK ALERT: We will be working on the Swann site in Port Tobacco this Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Weather permitting and if folks are interested, we will also work in the field this weekend.

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Victoria said...

I could make it on Sunday, if you were planning on digging then.