Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mid Week Update

Wednesdays are office days for us here at GAC/PTAP. While the fun happens in the field, the magic happens in the office!

Jim is off teaching all day so I am updating the maps and catalogs from the past weeks work and working on the plan and profile drawings from the second half of the summer that April did with her interns.

Kelley and Anne are off consulting with folks at the Maryland Historical Trust about our Aboriginal pottery and projectile points. They will share their results later this week.

No pictures today but definitely check back tomorrow when you will see what an amazing job everyone did in clearing out the Swann site for excavation. Tomorrow will be a day of mapping and photo documenting in Port Tobacco. Photo documenting is not something we have done much of on this job but is absolutely necessary for us to move onto further excavation on the Swann site!

Upcoming Schedule:
Thursday/Friday - fieldwork in PT
Saturday - looks like rain so no fieldwork
Sunday - fieldwork in PT

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