Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Site Clearing

Sorry...no pictures today, but Pete should have some tomorrow and later in the week. Our hardy crew of seven continued excavating one unit at the Swann house site, recovering a fair amount of early 19th-century material. Deposits above that material were excavated last week and produced the mid-19th-century material we were looking for.

The crew also finished shovel testing in the Jamieson Field-West, a job we left off of in October 2007. The new results should give us a better idea of where the prehistoric component is and the degree of overlap between Swann House and the mid-18th-century site we found in the field to the south.

We also cleared mo9st of the dense vegetation from the top of the stone foundation in the hedgerow that we think is the Swann House.

We'll be back in the field Thursday and Friday, and--weather permitting--Saturday or Sunday.


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