Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Wednesday Evening Lecture

Lately, Pete has been yammering on about reconstructing the layout of numbered lots in Port Tobacco. This isn't just an obsession: his research is integral to our understanding of the town and its development. It is also critical for identifying the locations of specific households and businesses that the team is interested in studying. For the purposes of the Preserve America grant, we are particularly interested in locating the houselot of Rose Wheeler and George Atzerodt's carriage shop, both of which might have been in town.

We are a long way, yet, from convincingly assembling the town lots. But there is much else to report. Tomorrow night (Wednesday, December 17, 7:30) at the Port Tobacco Courthouse I will give an illustrated talk on what the PTAP team found and learned this year. I'll also talk about some preliminary plans for developing an interpretive trail from Thomas Stone National Historic Site to the north of town, through Port Tobacco and southward to Chapel Point State Park. This trail would thematically link the various sites that we have found, both to one another and to sites elsewhere in the Port Tobacco valley and in the Chesapeake region.

Come join us tomorrow night...hour, hour and a half tops with questions and answers.


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