Wednesday, December 17, 2008


While preparing a few extra slides for this evening's presentation at Port Tobacco, I grabbed a handful of Buckley Ware sherds that we had collected from the South Field in May 2008. Pete had written a little about this ware in a previous blog, but I thought it might be nice to show some representative sherds.

Buckley Pottery from Port Tobacco.
Buckley pottery, made in Wales and northwestern England, and widely used in the Chesapeake region during the 18th century, is easily recognized by its generally thick body of swirled red and yellow clays, covered with thick black glaze. Rims are generally heavy and pronounced. They should not be confused with another Buckley...

Buckley the Dog from Maryland's Eastern Shore.

Buckley is a new member of the household joining fellow canids Amis and Ellie.

Whimsy aside, the distribution of Buckley ware along Port Tobacco Creek should provide clear evidence of the pre-Revolutionary War layout of the town. Accurate and precise mapping, as always, are critical to the interpretation of such evidence.


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Dancing Willow said...

I love Buckley Ware... and I also want this puppy!