Thursday, December 18, 2008

Lots of Lots

Pete has been out of the office all day on another task. While he was away, I did a little of my own town lot research. Using a tip from Elsie, I found a resident who owned parts of four town lots, some with surveyors' descriptions that include the lot lines of the courthouse square. Not the Rosetta Stone...probably more like a Rosetta pebble...but a significant find in our efforts to reconstruct the placement of numbered lots in Port Tobacco. I'll let Pete do the honors tomorrow in drafting and arranging the new lots.

One of the exciting things about this new find is that Charles Wheeler occupied a lot owned by Frederick Stone which adjoined one of the new-found lots. We do not know if Wheeler's widow continued to live there after his death, first with her new husband Henry O. Rose, then with George Atzerodt, but it is the best lead that we've had in awhile. And, by the way, thanks to Elsie's sleuthing it appears that Mrs. Wheeler's first name and middle initial were always Elizabeth B.--'Rose' was the family name of her second husband. Tune in tomorrow.


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