Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Just a few updates...

Jim and Scott are working out at the St. Nicholas cemetery again today. April is in the middle of the school semester out in Ohio. Dio is studying hard at the University of Virginia.

As April and Jim have mentioned, we are looking at the beginning of March to get back out to PT for a few days. I'm not sure if we will get out there sooner than that. Although it doesn't seem like it, November is upon us and the cold weather will be here soon.

I am working on title searches for the 1729 lots in Port Tobacco and a couple other projects at the same time. Searching the online land records is sometimes very easy, sometimes not.

In honor of Veteran's Day I leave you with this list from the Wearmouth's book on Port Tobacco:

Confederate Veterans from Port Tobacco Area*

Richard T. Boarman, Nicholas J. Miles, Capt. Robert Semmes Floyd(KIA), John J. Brawner, John Fergusson, William Penn Compton, Hugh Mitchell, Joseph H. Stonestreet, Sherrod C. Hannon, William Fendley Dement, John G. N. Harris, Basil Spalding, Joseph Harris, Col. Frank Neale, Thomas W. Latimer, William Roby(KIA), Capt. Michael Stone Robertson(KIA), Richard T. Boswell. KIA = killed in action.
*Christopher J. Iekel, compiler, unpublished manuscript, 2005.

A big salute from myself and the rest of the PTAP team to all the soldiers, past and present, who serve our country.

- Peter

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