Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Report Writing

Pete has been steaming along on drafting figures, analyzing data, and writing text for the report on the June field session. This will be the first report for which Pete will be listed as a co-author...the first of many to come.

We're doing well, but we will not get the report done this week.

I've gone back to the aboriginal pottery to take a closer look. I've set up a spreadsheet that allows us to describe the principal attributes of each sherd, thereby justifying for ourselves and our successors the classes to which we have assigned each sherd.

I tried out the new system today with material from the plowzone in Unit 11. The result: I think I've identified both Potomac Creek and Moyaone pottery types, both of which are very late forms and consistent with the trade beads that we have recovered. There are also a few very small fragments that defy classification beyond 'sand-tempered aboriginal pottery.'

As with the other three reports, this one will be posted on the website of the Society for the Restoration of Port Tobacco ( just as soon as we are satisfied with its form and content.


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