Friday, October 17, 2008

Mulberry Grove

Just to follow up on our efforts at Mulberry Grove and the search for John Hanson. Jim and I were out there on Monday and finished the mapping which you can see below. While Jim was presenting a talk for the Garden Club at the Port Tobacco Courthouse, I excavated in the spot where a bush was taken out awhile back next to the graves of Peter Contee and Elizabeth Hanson. I dug a trench 1.5 feet wide by about 4 feet long (shown in red on the map). It was a possible spot for a grave but it was not to be. After reaching a depth of 3.5 feet, I found nothing and excavation was stopped. What many of us thought to be a good location for the possible grave of John Hanson turned out to be nothing at all. A different approach is needed to find John Hanson.

- Peter

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