Thursday, October 16, 2008

Drafting the Jailhouse

As Jim mentioned yesterday, I am working on the field session report. Today I have been focusing on the Jailhouse Locus and drafting all of the profiles and plan views of the foundation walls that Scott and company uncovered. It has actually been a little more difficult than I had thought. Because of the dense vegetation and root system where the jailhouse site is, it was hard to get an exact 5x5 unit set up in there. As you may remember, we put in one 2x10 foot trench. My point is that when trying to "fit" the plan view of the foundation I have to make adjustments for the "off" dimensions of the unit. Not a huge problem but one that takes a little maneuvering to make it fit.

Below is a picture of Unit 20 with the foundation wall put in. Without a 3D model of the foundation, it looks like a flat line of bricks. The numbers help to delineate the courses of brick, 1 being the top course on down to course 6. Once I am finished with all the units in the jailhouse, it will go into the site report and I will also put an image on the blog again of the whole jailhouse lot with the foundations in the corresponding units.

- Peter

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