Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Note on Christ Church

Before I post anything, I check our blog to see what has already been said on the subject so I don't repeat myself (or someone else!) I was thinking about Christ Church and the cemetery we found and whether the two are connected. My guess is they are but its too early in the project to state for certain.

Last December, Jim posted a blog about Christ Church and the possibility of 5 different building phases through time.

One thing in particular caught my the end of the blog there is a picture of the sign near the ruins of the last Christ Church in Port Tobacco and it points out into Compton Field. While it doesn't point at the cemetery we found persay, it does point in that general direction. It could be that the question Jim asked then..."What is it pointing to? The site of the original log church? If so, it is not very specific as to where that church was located."

It's very possible that we are on the right track to finding the original church!

- Peter

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