Monday, October 27, 2008


It was a great weekend down in St. Mary's City despite the rain and wind!

All the presentations were very good that I heard. As usual with these conferences you have to pick and choose which session to attend during the days. The opening presentations were all about the Archaeology of the Atlantic World. They mostly focused on past work and what exactly the "Atlantic World" consists of. Not everyone agrees.

Lunch on Saturday was set up under a tent next to Farthings Tavern and I thought for sure the wind was going to blow the tent away at one point! The food was very good and it was nice to sit and talk with some of the other attendees.

The afternoon presentations were about finding 17th Century sites in Delaware. Interesting but not very informative.

Saturday night, Scott and I went on a Cemetery Crawl in the pouring rain! Lots of fun and then we headed over to "The Green Door" (a local bar, nay, the only bar!) for some cocktails and to listen to a Blues band.

Sunday morning was spent listening to presentations on public archaeology. Basically it was that we need to do a better job of bringing archaeology to the public but no real solutions. Our presentation went well and there were a few familiar faces in the small crowd.

All in all, a good conference that I enjoyed. Now its time to start writing for the MAAC's in the spring.

- Peter

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