Monday, September 1, 2008

Website on Thomas Arvin

Bonnie and I returned from Louisiana yesterday...a timely departure, to say the least. While there we received a comment on a blog posting from July 30, 2008. Since many of you will miss that comment, I thought I would insert it here and provide some explanation.

For some interesting information about this cemetery and Rev. Wilmer, please see my website. Best way to find it is simply Google for "Thomas Arvin" He is my fifth-great grandfather.
Robert Joseph Arvin, Jr.

Mr. Arvin is referring to the cemetery at Piney Church and to Reverend Wilmer's house site. His webpages (Parts 1 and 2) track the movements and life events of his ancestor, Thomas Arvin. He very effectively provides detailed contextual information, not only to better understand Thomas' life but to fill in where there is little data.

Mr. Arvin's story is long and the references to the cemetery occur at the end of Part 2, but for those interested in gaining a fuller understanding of Colonial Maryland and of what we, as historians and archaeologists, are trying to learn, it is well worth the investment of time.


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