Friday, September 5, 2008

Map Update

Earlier this week, Jim showed you an updated map of our site work. One of the problems with the picture, obviously, is that you can't click on it to blow it up for a better look. That problem has been solved thanks to the wondrous Dr. Beisaw! It seems it was a simple matter of using a different web browser to upload the pictures from other than internet explorer. Ah, the wonders of computer technology (which Jim and I have yet to master). An updated map will be coming soon with a "clickable" image.

Since you can't see the image clearly, I'll tell you that most of the units do not line up correctly. Some of our measurements were either incorrectly written down or not entered correctly in AutoCAD. Easy enough to fix and I am working on that now.

Also, I have finished digitizing two thirds of the profile drawings from the field session. After I get them all on the computer, I will make standardizing them the next priority. That includes making all the font the same, color and hatching, style, and information. Next will be matching the walls together to get longer profiles of the adjoining units.

These maps along with the analysis of the catalog will go a long way in helping Jim to write up the report for the field session.

That's all for now, hope everyone has a good weekend!

- Peter

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