Wednesday, September 3, 2008

June Field Session Site Map

Pete is drafting figures for our report on the June field session. Here's a map that shows the distribution of units (blue squares with illegible numbers represent 5 ft by 5 ft excavation units).

It is remarkable how much we found in so few units. Of course, we hedged our bets by surveying the area with closely spaced (25 ft) shovel test pits the previous year. Still, the cluster of three units to the left exposed part of a cemetery and paling fence ditch, the cluster at the top of the figure revealed portions of the 1857-1896 jailhouse, and the cluster of five units to the left and below the outline of the Episcopal Church ruin yielded what is almost certainly a Contact period aboriginal site and and an 18th-century cellar hole.

These are points of departure for more extensive excavations that will expose features like the cellar hole, recover well-preserved artifacts, enhance what we know, beg new questions, and further fuel the excitement.


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