Thursday, June 5, 2008

Temporary Move of Headquarters

At 3:30PM yesterday (Wednesday), a series of closely spaced, violent thunderstorms skated across northern Virginia and Maryland. They continued to harass both states for about six hours. In the aftermath, many communities--mine included--lost power. My cellar is flooded and the power company estimates restoration of electricity by 6:30PM Friday. April was due to arrive in town this evening, but I've waived her point in having one more person sit in the dark.

I have decamped to the library of the Anne Arundel Community College where I will continue making preparations for the June 13-23 Archeological Society of Maryland field session. I'm working on the field and laboratory manual now.

The operation will move back to my house this weekend and then, gradually, to the Burch House at Port Tobacco. Also called Catslide House, the Burch House will serve as field office throughout the rest of the summer, first as we undertake the field session, then as we begin to explore the Civil War period of the town.


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April M. Beisaw said...

Jim may have been a postman in a past life. Neither wind, nor rain, nor high water can stop him from his archaeological duties!

I may be in Binghamton but I too am working hard...not on Port Tobacco per se but on a journal article on my Susquehannock research that I would like to get out before the field session at Port Tobacco begins.

Stay safe and dry Jim!