Saturday, June 7, 2008

Back to Port Tobacco

It seems like it has been years since my last trip down to Maryland! My last 7 weeks have been jam packed. As you know, I spent all of May as a Scholar in Residence at the Pennsylvania State Museum. Not long before heading down to Harrisburg I was offered, and accepted, a Visiting Assistant Professor position at Heidelberg College in Ohio. So, once I finished up in Harrisburg I had to fit in a house-hunting trip to Tiffin before getting back to Port Tobacco and starting the ASM field session.

I spent much of yesterday putting together the materials for the faunal workshop that we are offering on Friday, the 20th. The workshop will be 2 hours of the basics of identifying animal bone from archaeological sites. I have handouts, a Power Point presentation, and several boxes of bone material. It will be very hands-on as that is the only way to learn bones! The workshop is free so come on down! It also meets the requirements of Maryland's Certified Archeological Technician program, so if you are a CAT candidate you wont want to miss it!

Jim will be leading two other workshops during the field session, one of ethics and one on historic ceramics. I will probably contribute some opinions to the ethics workshop but Jim is such an expert on the ceramics that I will leave that one to him! Bones, on the other hand, are my specialty so Jim gets some time off during that one.

My car is already half packed with supplies and I don't leave till Monday!


P.S. I would like to meet as many of the blog readers as possible during the field session. So if you come down, even if only to watch and take a tour, take a minute to say hi to me and the rest of the crew!

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John said...

As the Port Tobacco Field Session gets closer, preparations are under way to get everything organized. An e-mail went out, with a list of what to bring, an agenda for a typical day and directions to the site, for everyone who is currently registered. Registration will be available at the site. The same document mailed to registrants is available on-line at:

John Fiveash
President, ASM