Monday, June 2, 2008

Midlands Yellow Earthenware

Jim noted last week that we found one piece of Midlands Yellow Earthenware on a slight rise in the southwest corner of the southern most field during our surveys. From my research so far, I have not come up with a very good description of this type of ceramic and no pictures of it. So, I am going to do my best to share with you what I do know about this particular ceramic.

Midlands Yellow is a late 17th and very early 18th Century earthenware out of England. It has been found on several Chesapeake area sites dating to the late 17th Century. At the King's Reach site excavted by Dennis Pogue, 17% of the ceramics recovered were Midlands Yellow.

A problematic identification, these varied vessels may have been made in the midland counties of England. Thinly to moderately thickly potted, the pastes are soft to moderately soft , sandy pinkish white to pink to very pale brown pastes with some small ochre inclusions. The glaze is Pale yellow to various shades of green, extensively crazed lead interiors and possible interiors. It is very similar to the yellow border wares that are found on Colonial sites in the Chesapeake so like always, a close examination of your finds is very important.

We are in the office the rest of this week working on the analysis for the surface collections at Port Tobacco as well as finishing reports on a few other projects. Just over a week until our field session starts so if you haven't already done so...sign up and come out and join us for 2 weeks of fun in the sun!


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