Saturday, June 21, 2008

Evening of Day 9

The afternoon went by quickly. I spent most of that time drawing profiles of excavation unit walls in the jailhouse area (more Native American artifacts found there). Dio's team worked on a possible hearth feature, Pete's team opened a new unit to expose a possible cellar feature, Jim drew plan views of the cemetery, and Scott supervised the excavation of a new unit in the jail area.

Thanks to Bonnie and Franny we had a dinner feast of eggplant parmesean and lasagna. Another night outside the Burch House is in store for us.

April M. Beisaw


Dancing Willow said...

Yet another fun and informative weekend it was for the expert and the amateur archaeologist wanna-beez! I was so jazzed to work along-side you folks I know, and acquaint myself with new faces or those I've only in the past heard of. Thank you all SO much for the friendship, comradeship, and exchange of conversation and knowledge. I will treasure the memories and can't wait to share the pictures! Until next time... Smiles, Franny*

Dionisios said...

Before I started this project, I flew in from Chicago on a red-eye flight. Now that I am done, I left the project with a pink-eye infection...

Still, a great way to spend my vacation!! Thanks for making me a part of it.