Monday, June 16, 2008

Day 4

The field session is rolling along. We had to keep an eye to the sky
today. A cool breeze mixed with dark clouds seemed to alternate with
our normally sunny and warm weather. The storms did hold off until the
day's excavations were over but not by much. Just after everyone left
the wind picked up and the rain came down. We would have been comfy
and dry in either the courthouse or the Burch House if I hadn't
noticed that one of our shelters had blown off the Wade House units! A
handful of us, including Charlie Hall, had to reposition tents and
tarps and resecure them with extra ropes. We got soaked but the units
seem ok.

Today's excavations included testing of two new areas. Neither are far
enough along to discern the results just yet. We also continued work
at the Wade House, removing many complete vessels, and the Native
American cluster.

We must be working hard. It is not even 10pm and most of the crew is
settling in for the evening. I already hear some light snoring coming
from the next room and I think I hear my pillow calling too.

April M. Beisaw


Dancing Willow said...

Aye! A hot and steamy day it was and never a dull moment. You resembled Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz hanging on to the tent topper! Thank goodness it blew over leaving some cooler climate for Tuesday.

Ken said...

What an experience! My wife and I had just planned to stop by to see Peter (we take parental privilege to add the extra "r")but ended up digging in the dirt as well. Had we not made other plans for subsequent days, we would have stayed longer. It was great to meet Big Jim, April, Scott, Dio and the other frequent poster here...dancing willow. Oh...and listen to Peter's mapping presentation and of course have dinner with our son.

As a frustrated graduate of the SUNY Potsdam Anthropology program nearly 40 years ago, it was good to see my son able to work in the field I only dreamt about. Back then a BS in Anthropology and 12cents could buy a cup of coffee, so I needed to bypass graduate school.

I look forward to joining y'all (or y'all all) the next time you spend any significant time on Site. A great program and I see a great future for Port Tobacco.