Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Day 5

Jim was away today so it was a much different day in the field. I put the three teams in close reach by gains them work on the Wade House, Native American, and Centennial Hotel areas. We did a lot of detailed excavation today and sent many volunteers to out field lab because excavation was slow going. The field lab provides volunteers the opportnuity to study the recovered artifacts more closely and the lab supervisors assist them with identifying just what it is that they are washing.

I plan to ramp back up to full fieldwork capacity tomorrow, sending Scott back out to take another crack at the possible cemetery, Pete will continue on the Native American area where we have some possible 18th century earthfast structures, Dio will move over to the Centennial area where we have more 18th century and Native American components, and Jim will oversee mapping of the jailhouse.

First comes laundry, dinner, and a good night's rest.

April M. Beisaw

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Anonymous said...

We three tired amateur volunteers made it back to Baltimore a few hours ago. Our experience over the past two days was wonderful! We knew little to nothing going in, but thanks to the knowledge and patience of so many people there we came away with a great first experience. Special thanks to Charlie Hall who taught us how to wash and sort and whose passion for the work came through in every lesson/story. We'll be reading the blog every day, it means a lot more now that we've seen the site and done some of the work.

Tom, Colleen and Riley