Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Spring Symposium

There was an excellent turnout for the Spring Symposium today. I don't have the offical count but I believe Stephen Isreal and I set up nearly 70 chairs at 8am and when I was giving my talk at 2:30pm there was barely a free chair plus people were lining the benches along the walls.

The day started with some awards.

And moved right into presentations on the archaeology of several Maryland towns.

At the lunch break, participants wandered the streets of Annapolis to see some ongoing Archaeology in Annapolis excavations and view the new Seeking Liberty museum exhibit.

After lunch most participants returned for more talks.

As usual, there are no pictures of me. Why? It is simple. I take all the pictures. So, that brings me to a request. If you are handy with a camera (for still photos or videos) and visit Port Tobacco when the PTAP team is working (or come to one of our Port Tobacco events elsewhere) please take some footage and send it to us. Consider this request the pile of disposable cameras on the table at a wedding reception. We want to see how you see us. Then maybe, just maybe mind you, I will have my picture on the blog too! :)



Dancing Willow said...

I gave you grief about pictures of "you" before. Wish I had thought ahead of time as I know many others aside from myself would have gladly taken some snaps. Your presentation was just wonderful. All presentors did a bang-up job! I was proud to be a part of todays drown-rat crew of attendees! I hope to "re-re-re return!" (LOL)

Jim said...

I have since heard from several law enforcement agencies from around the USA and Canada...all apparently have photographs of April. I expect an e-mail from Interpol any moment now.