Sunday, April 6, 2008

Planning the Field Session

Later this week, I will begin my regular pilgrimage to Maryland in support of the Port Tobacco Archaeological Project. On Saturday, I will be speaking at the ASM Spring Symposium. On Sunday, Jim and I will hash out the details of the Port Tobacco Wiki. For the rest of my visit we will be planning the ASM Field Session for Port Tobacco.

As Director of Research, I have come up with my own plan for the 11 days of excavation that will comprise our half of the ASM field session. This plan includes the excavation of units in three areas of the town: 1) The Wade house and Centennial Hotel, 2) The Jail, and 3) The Native American artifact cluster between the two.

My rationale for focusing on these areas is that they are 1) relatively close together, a necessity to keep from spreading the team too thin, 2) cover a range of time periods for the site, including Native American and 18th and 19th century occupations, 3) are near the nucleus of the town, and therefore should speak to the development of the town.

I also have specific research questions for each area. For example, what is the timing and extent of the Native American artifact cluster. Was this a habitation site? Was it disturbed by historic development of the town. Is this evidence of the Potopaco village?

The use of three areas will also allow us to move volunteer crews from one place to another during the construction of unit profiles and other tasks that require slow work by a small number of people.

Jim, as Managing Director, needs to consider all the logistics of my selections and decide if he agrees with the research value of these locations.

We are also planning a workshop and lecture series for the Field Session volunteers and a kick-off party. If you have any questions or suggestions concerning our field session, now is th time to let us know.


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