Monday, July 19, 2010

A post about posts

Hi folks,
Last week I mentioned that Elsie and I had been spending a lot of our time excavating post molds and holes (as well as possible replacement molds/posts) at Burch House. To give you all an idea of what this involves, I figured I would post a photo of the first post mold/hole that we removed. In this photo the top of the hole and mold (the lighter area outlined) is roughly 3 feet below grade, and the bottom of the post hole was another half foot down. It sure is hard to feel the breeze down there! It is possible that the two larger areas outlined are an original post hole and a replacement hole, while the small circular area is the mold. Since the excavation of this feature Elsie and I have been working on two more, and I believe Pete and Anne may have some features to report on as well.

We will be at Burch House tomorrow to continue with some of these features-hope to see some of you there!


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