Friday, July 23, 2010

Burch House Drafting

Hi all!
The heat and humidity have kept the PTAP crew indoors today-I hope you all have made the same choice! There is plenty of report writing to catch up on for other projects, as well as keeping up with paperwork and artifacts from Burch House.

As part of our work at Burch House I have been drafting a floor plan and each of the elevations (Jim informed me that in architect-speak this is how each side of a building's exterior is referred to, while facade generally denotes the front). Digitizing dimensions of the Burch House will come in handy for images to use in publications and displays. Also, with a bit of work we should be able to turn these 2-D drawings into a 3-D representation of the Burch House, sort of like we do when we are reconstructing vessels.

Here are the north and west elevations of Burch House-please click on the image for a close-up (and yes, I am aware that Burch House is not actually green, aqua, and just helps me keep the different parts of the drawing straight!)

Stay cool this weekend! We plan on being at Burch House on Tuesday, but we will keep you posted on any changes in our field work schedule.


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