Thursday, July 1, 2010

An Office of One

Oh the joys and sorrows of working in the office by oneself. If you have not heard, which I doubt you have, yours truly here went and busted up his ankle by stepping into a hidden hole in the ground yesterday while walking out of a project site to eat lunch. Apparently if you step in a hole, your foot goes one way while the rest of your body goes another! Huh?! Who knew?!

So while the rest of the crew is out working in the field on this glorious day of wonderful weather, I am in the office doing paperwork. No fieldwork for me for a couple days.

We have shown you guys some of the really cool artifacts we have been uncovering around Burch House hopefully with more to come. The crew has been busy with the usual tasks of washing, cataloging, mending and drawing artifacts. The B.C. Milburn crock is almost back together...just need to draw a profile of it before we can put it back together completely. Once that is done we'll post a picture for all to see.

Anne has been working hard on keeping all our profiles up to date and in order. The stratigraphy is coming along nicely and as we excavate other units it has become second nature to visualize what it will look like as we dig deeper. And it has been very consistent in all the units so far...that is until last Tuesday!

While excavating a unit close to the chimney Anne and I came upon a very light sandy soil with VERY heavy gravel in it. It only went through the NE corner of the unit (closest to the chimney) and is not very wide but is deep. At first we thought it was construction fill from when the addition was put on. After excavating the feature we thought it might be part of a drainage system of sorts. Too soon to tell and it may have to wait for another time to know more.

We will be out in Port Tobacco tomorrow working again at the Burch House. I'll be the one limping around so come on out and play!

- Peter

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